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“I have never been happier with the service that Home Retention provides; They are aware that people are frightened and want to stay in their homes. They are on the ball and on time with all the paperwork that needs to be filed. I have 2 homes and have been with them for over 10 months. I have no words for this group except praise. I am still working with them and hope to get a permanent solution to my problem”

Michelle- Woodland Hills
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We are the nation's premiere Foreclosure and Eviction Delay company, serving all 50 states with our turnkey service. We are consumer advocates that protect Homeowner’s and Tenant’s rights. HRS provides the much needed help many Americans need who are facing foreclosure and eviction. We can delay and cancel Auction Dates within 24 hours of sale. We delay evictions for 6 months or more!
“Even if you have lost your home to foreclosure we can help reverse the sale”.

  • Did you already lose your home?

  • Do you want to reverse your sale?

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  • Do you want to stay in your house?

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If you are visiting our website these are probably difficult times for you and your family. The news is full of wrongful foreclosure stories of homeowners being victimized by their lenders. We speak to people every day who think their lender is working on a loan modification or short sale only to find out differently and lose their home to foreclosure. (Statistics prove less than 5% of loan modifications get approved)

Let’s face it; the banks are not your friend. They are trying to foreclose on you and take your home. If not, why would you be facing foreclosure when they told you they would help? They are out for themselves and will say or do anything to collect a debt along with their late fees, or take your home through foreclosure. We see it all too often, homeowners think the bank will modify their loan or approve a short sale only to find out they are days away from being homeless. Homeowners that make trial mod payments only to be denied a loan modification. Honestly, if you are underwater over 20%, do you really want a loan modification anyway?

What We Do
We help people trying to avoid foreclosure or eviction. We do this without filing bankruptcy and without expensive attorneys. We will challenge the legality of the foreclosure, debt owed, chain of title and assignments. These demands can tie the foreclosure process up for months, even years. Some homeowners are just interested in a buying as much time in their home as they can. Others are in search of a more permanent solution, and just need our help month to month. Whether you are looking to keep your home or just buy time, we can help delay the sale date for months, even years. If you have received a notice for eviction or unlawful detainer we can buy you an additional 4 to 16 months. If you have lost your home to foreclosure and want it back, we can help! We understand the foreclosure and eviction process, and will stop at nothing to protect consumer rights.

Our Service
Our company offers a unique service to homeowners who have a foreclosure sale date hanging over their head. After all else has failed, we can help legally delay the auction of your property without filing bankruptcy through our specialized Trustee Delay Service. We will require the third party performing the foreclosure to verify certain rights and procedures before the auction can take place. In many cases homeowners are in line for a long awaited loan modification or short sale approval, some have just been denied at the 11th hour. We can help you delay the trustee sale and avoid bankruptcy to stop foreclosure within one hour of .your scheduled auction. If we don’t delay, you don’t pay!

Why Us?
We care about your home as much as you do. We do not like to lose, and we do not like our clients to be manipulated by lenders. Attorneys are expensive and charge UPFRONT FEES with NO guarantee! We do NOT!

Your money is safe with We do the work first, you are a satisfied client, and then you pay. Our fees are typically much less than mortgage payments, rent or filing bankruptcy. We are honest consumer advocates and our Foreclosure Delay Program works for over 95% of our clients. We provide a good option for homeowners that are considering bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure, or just want to buy time. Some of our clients have been denied for modification or a short sale and are out of options, but not ready to move. Some are still trying to get approved for a loan modification, short sale or litigation, and just need more time. Other clients realize that they are so far upside down on the property and it is not worth paying the high mortgage payment. They would rather live in their home than an apartment for cheaper than rent. Whether you are a Homeowner, Realtor or Attorney we can help. Call today for a FREE consultation. (800) 715-8720

We Can Help You If:
  • You received a Trustee Sale Notice.

  • You have a Sale Date is within 24 Hours.

  • You are looking for a delay tactic other than bankruptcy.

  • You have been turned down for a loan modification or short sale.

  • You have already filed bankruptcy and the “automatic stay” is lifted.

  • You would prefer to live in your own home cheaper than renting an apartment.

  • You are currently negotiating a short sale or a loan modification and need more time.

  • You own the home but do not occupy the property, or you are a tenant living in a foreclosure.

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“We have multiple properties, used Home Retention Services on various issues. I was surprised by the results. They succeeded where other companies failed and even reversed those companies’ failures. I can’t ask more than that.”
Donald O’Hara
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Disclaimer: Home Retention Services is in no way trying to permanently prevent foreclosure or modify the terms of your mortgage. At no point will Home Retention Services be contacting your lender to modify your loan or giving you advice on how to prevent your foreclosure. Home Retention Services is simply working at the trustee/attorney level to delay the foreclosure sale of our client's properties. We are not offering any legal advice nor representing you in any way other than employing your rights to properly validate certain items required prior to foreclosure sale. We advise clients to consult their local tax attorney or professional regarding financial liability related to foreclosure or short sale. Home Retention Services is not collecting any advanced fees as services are provided prior to Home Retention Services being paid. Home Retention Services foreclosure delay makes no warranties or guarantees of our service. Home Retention Services should be used as the last option for anyone who intends to keep their home after exhausting all other avenues. All clients realize that their lender can foreclose while in this service.